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Services in the field of 3D

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3D views

3D product visualization

Bring your product portfolio to life in the digital world. With a 3D model, the digital twin of your product, there are completely new opportunities for sales and e-commerce. From simple product presentation in 3D to digital showroom, your products will be experienced in a whole new dimension.

Possible applications
  • Sensational campaigns websites in 3D
  • Photorealistic product images without photo shoot
  • 3D product images of any kind for marketing materials
  • Digital showrooms for trade fairs or as 360 degree application
  • 3D product videos and explanatory films without video shooting
3D Functional

3D Configurators &
3D simulations

The possibility to personalize the product with the help of a 3D configurator and to try it out in one’s own environment demonstrably boosts sales and increases the bond with the product even before the purchase. In 3D simulations, you use interactive animations to show how your product works or how processes run.

Possible applications
  • Explanation of functionalities through product animations
  • 3D product configurator as a preliminary stage in the purchasing process
  • Presentation of technical processes and procedures
  • Visualization of your product as part of an overall product
3D Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality Experiences

Connect digital content to the real-world environment. With your smartphone via the web browser without access barriers. Enhance your print materials with digital content and build cross-media storytelling.

Possible applications
  • Interactive AR print products and packaging
  • Real-time VR configurators simulations
  • Product preview in your own environment in real size
  • Real-time and additional information in 3D
  • Training and e-learning enhancements
3D Consulting

Consulting & Trendwatch Reports

From trend workshops as an impulse for marketing & sales to proof of concept for your digitization agenda – we advise you on the possibilities of the new 3D and XR media world. Together, we provide the entry into future technologies and accompany you from the beginning to the end. We draw on a wide range of skills and experience from the expert network of the queo Group and our partner network.

Our consulting services
  • Theme introduction and 3D consulting
  • Evaluation and ideas workshops
  • Technology and platform consulting
  • Project management in 3D/VR/AR
  • Integration of interfaces and internal systems

Fields of application of 3D

Web3D, AR and VR support companies in many areas. Below we have summarized a few examples for use in the critical areas.


Product & Brand

  • Storytelling with interactive 3D models
  • Photorealistic 3D Images & Videos
  • Innovative Feature Tours
  • Interactive 3D Ads
  • 3D Online Product Worlds
  • 360 degree views

Point of Sale

  • Virtual AR exhibits at trade fairs
  • 3D process or sequence animations
  • 3D Info & Explainer Videos
  • 3D configurator with price calculation
  • 3D Lead Magnets
  • 3D simulations

Customer Self Service

  • 3D instruction videos
  • AR Product explanations
  • 3D Learning Models
  • Digital 3D product twin with service information
  • 3D product NFTs for loyalty programs

Identify industry trends early

We inform you about current trends and technologies in the following industries.

  • Yachting & Caravanning
  • Health, Pharma & Medtech
  • Consumer Goods & Lifestyle
  • Machinery & Plant Engineering

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