3D in sales

Support the purchase decision at the point of sale

3D configurators

Use in sales

The purchase decision is made at the point of sale. Here, product configurators are convincing all along the line because they provide a realistic impression of the selected product configuration. That is why 3D configurators create trust and security for the purchase decision. In addition, product configurators can be seamlessly integrated into your sales processes and interact with CRM, ERP or PIM systems. This is how the lead to the buyer/buyer is taken care of.

Variants under control

Replace color cards and material samples

Do you still show color or material cards to interested parties? The disadvantage here is that the option cannot be experienced in direct context with the product. The remedy is a configurable 3D model, which makes it possible to experience each variant or option directly on the product. Photorealistic quality of the display additionally creates confidence in the chosen configuration.

Customer conversation

Convincing in a personal conversation

3D configurators are also more effective than catalogs in customer meetings. With the help of a sales app, the desired product can be configured together with the customer. Especially with complex or variant-rich products, this app can significantly simplify the consultation.


Real time prices and availability

Reduce sales efforts through more self-service. Offer interested parties the opportunity to configure their product themselves. Availability and final price are calculated automatically via stored price and parts lists and sent as an offer at the end.

Sales automation

Seamless Connection to Existing Sales Systems

Are you using a sales funnel or a CRM system to capture and manage inquiries? No problem! Our product configurators can be seamlessly linked to third-party systems. This means that you always have sales data in the right place at a glance.

3D Yacht Configurator

We provide you with a market overview of various yacht configurators and offer valuable insights. Get to know the application possibilities and advantages of 3D online configurators in an uncomplicated way.

  • Configurator types overview
  • Numerous application examples and showcases
  • Application scenarios for marketing and sales
  • Introduction to 3D Data Management
More options

Flexible use along
the customer journey

We think and develop modularly. Once the basic configurator has been created, it can be efficiently prepared for different channels and end devices. This reduces the costs of individual stand-alone developments.


The classic medium for information and sales. Our configurators can be integrated into various CMS or applications.


Configurator applications can also be integrated into native apps for Android or iOS and are thus also available on the move.

3D Ads

Interactive 3D ads with selection options encourage clicks and have been proven to achieve higher conversion rates.

VR Configurator

The supreme discipline among configurator applications. Nothing is more impressive and realistic than the configuration in virtual space. Configure the product in real size or experience the interaction of colors and materials in real time.

Store Terminals

Tesla has led the way. The desired product can be configured and purchased via terminals in the store. Efficient self-service.

Landing page

Are you planning campaigns or promotional activities? Support them with animated and interactive Web3D landing pages.

Fair & Events

At trade shows and events, the options are limited. It is usually not possible to have all variants and options of your product on site. Here, touch terminals or self-service tablets offer visitors the opportunity to experience and configure your product.


3D configurators are also suitable for internal training and education on the product. Function and variants can thus be taught in a playful way.

Product Onboarding

After sales service contributes to customer retention and loyalty. Support the commissioning of your product with 3D tutorials or AR extensions.

Metaverse & NFTs

You hear these terms more often. A journey full of new possibilities is just beginning here. Being there from the start sets you apart from the competition.

Award Winner

Convincing and
Individual Yacht Configurators

Automotive & Transportation
Design & Web-Software

Reference Case Yachting

How existing CAD data is used to present luxury products of Hanseyachts AG online in 3D and how customers can be inspired with a 3D configurator at the point of sale

Yacht Configurator

Flexible Use Cases


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