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Product Configurators Offer Convincing Added Value

Product experience

Vivid and
interactive products

The 3D display allows you to examine your products – even from all angles – for configuration. Changes in color, size, material, etc. are displayed immediately and can be edited according to your wishes. A unique way to showcase your products.


Thanks to the 3D configurator, customers know exactly what they are getting.

Despite a wide range of options, only few tools are better for sales than a 3D product configurator. When using it, customers make a purchase decision by using the configurator to simulate a realistic preview of their own selection criteria and thus be sure of what they are getting.


More requests,
more sales

Working with the configurator increases a customer’s interest in your website. In addition, the customizability of products and the shopping experience improves his willingness to buy. Studies show that personalization can increase sales by up to 20%.

Sales processes automation

Offer a unique tool to your customers

Using a product configurator increases the purchase completion rate. The design of the product allows customers to choose the product they are guaranteed to buy and builds confidence in their purchase.


Less explaining,
more self-service

As technology advances, customers expect more and more from companies in terms of customer service. Customers especially want to be able to configure products according to their own ideas. Particularly in the case of complex products with a large number of variants, 3D configurators help to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on consulting.

3D Yacht Configurator

We provide you with a market overview of various yacht configurators and offer valuable insights. Get to know the application possibilities and advantages of 3D online configurators in an uncomplicated way.

  • Configurator types overview
  • Numerous application examples and showcases
  • Application scenarios for marketing and sales
  • Introduction to 3D Data Management
Award Winner

Convincing and
Individual Yacht Configurators

Automotive & Transportation
Design & Web-Software

Reference Case Yachting

How existing CAD data is used to present luxury products of Hanseyachts AG online in 3D and how customers can be inspired with a 3D configurator at the point of sale

Yacht Configurator

Flexible Use Cases

Areas of Application

Configurators can be used at many points in the customer journey and ensure the necessary attention at all touchpoints.


Learn more about the individual functions and features of our award-winning product configurator.

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